The united kingdom of Morocco is the most visited country in AFRICA. Its rich culture, history, traditions, architecture and panoramic views, blow everyone’s mind. However, tourists from different countries travel to explore the charm of each city like Marrakech, casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Agadir, Tangier, Chefchaouen and so on, where the street markets with local foods and handicrafts, including carpets, traditional dress, pottery, jewelry, and carved wood, can be found. Besides, no one can leave Morocco without visiting its SAHARA desert ; Merzouga and zagora, where travelors can sleep in tents, ride camels, enjoy the music with locals and dine in the middle of the dunes.
Moroccans are a sincere people and are always delighted to meet guests. Their main feature is their hospitality. They are always ready to help tourists and treat them to a warm reception. Inviting someone to their house is so easy and normal for them to that extant they can afford him clothes to wear and good food to eat. The first thing they give is a mint tea, known by ‘’ Moroccan whisky‘’, with sweets or dried food. Afterwards, the next meal can be couscous, Pastila, tajin of chicken, fish or kefta, all are spicy food that are super healthy. Thus, to have a taste for traveling, choose Morocco !

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